Bali Cat; Bali Kintamani Single Origin Specialty Coffee


  This past January we visited several coffee plantations in Asia. One of the coffees that impressed us the most was from Bali. Not only is the coffee amazing, but the care the farmers put into growing and harvesting these beans is beyond tedious. These beans are grown on their native land and the farmers are aware that these coffee beans will travel the world and be a reflection of their home, Bali.

 This coffee is grown at a pretty high altitude of 1750m and naturally processed. We then roast it to a medium-dark profile. Not dark enough to rid the coffee of its personality, but enough to conjure images of mystery that are Bali. The result is a full mouth full of sweet earthy coffee with a long finish. If you like our Tura Satana blend you will love this.  And, just like all our Black Cat Bags, this coffee will not be around for long. We are only producing 100 of these and each will be hand-numbered. Grab it while you can!

Size: 12oz Coffee Bean / Ground

 Tasting Notes: Dark Berry, spice, syrupy body, long finish. 

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