NEW🔥Premium 25 oz Black Clear Water Travel Bottle w/ Stainless Steel Lid, BPA Free


The Catfight Coffee single-wall plastic bottle is a stylish and functional accessory designed for coffee lovers and those who are looking for an everyday travel bottle that's out of the ordinary..

    Features & details

    Our clear black 25 oz/ 750ml  bottle is perfect for hiking, biking, gym, or driving. Anytime you want your Catfight caffeine fix or, refill with water when on the go!

    Its lightweight plastic construction combined with a secure metal cap ensures that the bottle is portable and spill-proof, ideal for carrying in bags or backpacks.

    Catfight Design water bottles will keep you hydrated throughout your day.

    *ECO-FRIENDLY: BPA and lead-FREE and reusable.

    *Bottle mouths fit most ice cubes: The bottle fits most cup holders.

    *HAND-WASH ONLY: Easy to keep clean with just soapy water and a bottle brush.

    *The single-wall design is intended for cold beverages, as it does not provide insulation like double-walled bottles.