Caffeine Cool Down Bundle (Eclipse+ Black Magic)


It took us a long time to find a cold brew we felt comfortable putting the Catfight samp on. But once we did, it made it easy to infuse our Eclipse coffee with black walunt to give us our Black Magic cold brew. ⁠ Dinking cold brew year-round doesn't make you weird either. Cold brew coffee has been proven to be an amazing work out drink and also has lower acidity.

We are bundling our Eclipse cold brew and our Black Magic cold brew. That solves the caffeine cool down the dilemma.⁠

*Cold Brew Instruction:

Put one pouch in a pitcher of 32-48 oz of water and let it steeps for 6-8 hours and boom! You have cold brew dark enough to block out the sun! 


If you really want to up your game, pour some cold brew into an Ice Tray. Put cold brew coffee Ice cubes in your cold brew coffee! Enjoy!

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