Toffee Double Feature; Official Mystic Museum double caffeine toffee flavored coffee


When our good friends at the Mystic Museum in Los Angeles California approached us about a new coffee they had envisioned; A double feature of extra caffeine and toffee, we knew it was the makings of a great collaboration. 

Toffee Double Feature takes a blend of select beans and infuses them with the rich burnt sugar, caramelized taste of toffee. This creates a well balanced coffee that has a natural sweetness and dark richness. 

Mystic Museum showcases equal parts oddities and horror memorabilia. In addition there is merchandise and more. Their current immersive exhibit, 'Y2 Kills' is a collection of horror artifacts from the archives of the best 2k time period or horror, a time when video tapes became obsolete.

But Mystic Museum resurrects that time with Slashback Video, Y2Kills exhibit and now Toffee Double Coffee.

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