🎂 [LIMITED] 3 Year Anniversary Single Origin Deluxe Coffee


Join us in celebrating our 3rd anniversary and the launch of our new Deluxe Edition coffee range. 

This single-origin Pink Bourbon varietal Colombian coffee is grown at a high 2000m in the mountains of Colombia. It's then naturally processed by letting the sun dry the skin and the pulp of the coffee cherries on patio beds. Sounds relaxing right? 
What are Catfight Deluxe Edition coffees? These are unique single-origin coffees vetted by the Speciality Coffee Association and usually vetted by our mystery box subscription club. Specialty Coffee Association certification is a high bar for coffee. This certification means that the rating of the coffee is in the top 20% of the coffees traded on the market today. Most of Catfight's non-flavored coffees have this rating, but these beans are proven to be exceptional even within these high standards. 

Signed and numbered to just 200 bags! HURRY!!

Tasting notes:  Hibiscus, Cherry, Honey, Caramel, and Cinnamon.