🎂 Anniversary LIMITED Edition Blend


When we were approaching our 1st year anniversary, we knew we had to do custom coffee to mark the occasion. 

Special doesn't seem like a big enough word for what we came up with.
Our Anniversary blend follows our journey as a company across the globe with a blend of coffees from Bali, Mexico, and Colombia. 

We took a Bali Kitntamini coffee from a plantation where we planted coffee trees with our own hands just when Catfight was starting. Added our Mexican coffee which is also from plantations we have personally dug our hands into and added another coffee that will be in our range shortly, which also has a personal story. 

The Colombian Caturra component comes from a miro lont in Narino Colombia. While at our local hang-out coffee shop we started a conversation with our waiter. We remarked at how much better the coffee was that day. That's when our waiter informed us that it was coffee from his family's plantation and that he moved to the US with the sole purpose of breaking his coffee here in the US and that his time in the restaurant was just to get his feet on the ground. A true testament to how good this coffee is, his time as a waiter didn't last long, and distributing coffee is his full-time gig now. 

All Catfight Coffees are personal to us. But our Anniversary Blend truly showcases that personal investment we have in Catfight Coffee. 

This will be a limited run of 150 bags numbered and signed by us.