Highlander Grogg Cold Brew (Taste Notes: Butterscotch, rum and vanilla)


Our top-selling hot coffee is now available as in cold-brew pouches!

Highlander Grogg Coffee delivers a taste that could fight off the cold in a bog in Scotland. Combining the flavors of butterscotch, rum, and just a hint of vanilla. Made with a high-quality Single Origin Colombian coffee, we roast, infuse, and delivered to your door as quickly as possible. 
If you haven't tried it before, we say it's time you've begun! 

Easy and clean to make cold brew coffee at home.
Put one pouch in a pitcher of 32-48 oz of water and let it steeps for 6-8 hours, and boom! You have cold brew dark enough to block out the sun! 

*TIP: If you really want to up your game, pour some cold brew into an Ice Tray. Put cold brew coffee Ice cubes in your cold brew coffee! Enjoy!

1 Bag: includes 3 pouches in total

3 Bags: Includes 9 pouches in total

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