Night of the Living Dead; Bag #3 Highlander Grogg


As anyone who watches a good horror movie, there is always a moment of desperation, where there seems to be no hope. Then, out of the blue, there is a moment of hope. 
Supplies on bag #1 of our super popular Highlander Grogg are dwindling leaving us all in situation that could seem hopeless.
Never fear...our Night of the Living Dead bag #3 is chock full of Highlander Grogg and features the final pannel of artwork to complete the full design created by artist Chris Nielsen. 
Highlander Grogg Coffee delivers a taste that could fight off the cold in a bog in Scotland. Combining the flavors of butterscotch, rum, and just a hint of vanilla. Made with a high-quality Single Origin Colombian coffee, we roast, infuse, and delivered to your door as quickly as possible. 
If you haven't tried it before, we say it's time you've begun!