Blue Magic Cold Brew (Taste notes:Blueberry,Bourbon and Vanilla)


Summertime always conjures up the taste of imaginary fresh blueberries and ice-cold drinks. Now, as adults when we wake up we wanna conjure up a fresh cup of coffee. We have summoned the coffee gods to combine both worlds!  Blue Magic Cold Brew. We took our dark roast Eclipse coffee in infused it with the notes of Blueberry, Vanilla, and Bourbon. Catfight Coffee’s cold brew is the easiest cold brew to make because we put our fresh roasted Arabica coffee in a filter pouch, which you pop in a pitcher of water. Let it sit over night and wake up to delicious cold brew coffee. 

Instruction: Put one pouch in a pitcher of 32-48 oz of water and let it steeps for 6-8 hours and boom! You have cold brew dark enough to block out the sun! 

1 Bag: includes 3 pouches in total

3 Bags: Includes 9 pouches in total

*TIPS: If you really want to up your game, pour some cold brew into an Ice Tray. Put cold brew coffee Ice cubes in your cold brew coffee! Enjoy!

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