Why our coffee farmers and the coffee we serve you is important.

Why our coffee farmers and the coffee we serve you is important.

The loss of value in the coffee supply chain resonates deeply with the ethos of counterculture and resistance against mainstream exploitation. Within our community, the quest for authenticity, ethical consumption, and social justice extends to every facet of life, including coffee. As Martin Luther King said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

At its core, the plight of smallholder coffee farmers mirrors the struggles faced by many small businesses in your area – marginalized by larger systems and corporations. The DIY spirit that permeates our scene aligns with the grassroots efforts of these farmers, who often lack access to resources and face exploitation by middlemen.

The issue of value loss in the coffee supply chain underscores broader inequalities, echoing the sentiments of rebellion against corporate greed and exploitation that are central to punk and alternative lifestyles. The middlemen who exploit farmers' lack of bargaining power resonate with the larger theme of challenging oppressive structures and advocating for equitable treatment.

For individuals within our communities, supporting ethically sourced coffee becomes not just a consumer choice but a political statement. It reflects a commitment to solidarity with marginalized producers and a rejection of exploitative practices inherent in conventional supply chains.

In essence, the struggle against value loss in the coffee supply chain becomes a rallying point for all of us, reinforcing their ethos of resistance, social justice, and ethical consumption in a world where mainstream systems often prioritize profit over people and planet.

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