How paper cups changes the taste of your coffee.

How paper cups changes the taste of your coffee.

The delivery mechanism is essential to achieving the best-tasting cup of coffee. Delivery mechanism? Meaning, what kind of cup you are using?

While there are many different types of drinking vessels out there, from plastic to metal to paper, the material you choose will affect your coffee’s taste.

There are 4 main options: plastic, paper, metal, and ceramic.

The material used will have an impact on your coffee’s flavor and here is why paper cups are the least good option.  Paper cups would appear to be the best options for takeaway services and ready-to-eat food across the globe. Paper cups also do not require cleaning and can be easily discarded after use.

However, different cups retain levels of heat differently. For example, your stainless steel to-go cup may keep your coffee hotter for several hours, whereas your coffee mug at home cools off quicker. Paper cups retain heat the least well out of all the drinking cups.

Not only that, but when you heat up the paper, specifically treated paper like what a coffee cup is made out of, it can start to smell bad. Given the importance of smell in the perception of taste, this is a big deal. Additionally paper cups, too, are lined with plastic, which is why a to-go cup from your neighborhood cafe tastes different also. When that plastic melts the paper can absorb some of the tasting notes of the coffee.

  This is part of the reason Catfight Coffee has reusable cups at our events. Not only do they usually have the bonus of free refills, and give you a cool product to take home, but it’s going to make for a better starting cup of coffee.

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