Four tips for brewing a stronger cup of coffee.

Four tips for brewing a stronger cup of coffee.

  Darker does not always mean stronger. So how do you make the boldest cup of coffee? A coffee that really packs a punch? Here are 4 tips on how to brew a bolder, stronger cup of coffee.

1) A Dark Roast doesn’t always make for a stronger brew! We hate to tell break the news to you, but darker roasts typically have less-not more-caffeine than light roast. Think of it like a vegetable; The longer you sauté them, the less texture and the less nutrient (or in the case of a coffee bean caffeine) it has. Similarly, dark roasted coffee does have an undeniable smokey flavor, much like blackening on a grill. Which can taste great too. But, next time you brew, try a medium or medium dark roast, but experiment with the amount of coffee you use. More coffee grinds will make for a bolder cup of coffee. Sure you can follow the directions on the coffee maker, but aren’t you more the rebellious, creative type?

 2) Fresh roasted beans make a more robust brew! If you open up a bag coffee and the beans are excessively oily, beware. It could be a sign that the beans are past their prime. Keep in mind that dark roasts might be the exception. As a general rule, try to keep coffee on hand that has been roasted in the past 3 months. While coffee can never spoil, it can definitely start to loose its punch around this time period.

 3) Don’t refrigerate your beans! Contrary to popular belief, you should never, ever store whole bean or ground coffee in a refrigerator. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an air tight container. There are two good reasons for this. First, the fluctuation from taping the beans in and out of the cold air will cause condensation which dehydrates the beans. Second, coffee is porous. That means it will absorb the aromas in your refrigerator. Some people like to use their coffee as a way to make the ‘fridge smell better and it will. But the coffee is absorbing the aroma of the bad produce. That means when you brew a pot, it’s going to affect the taste. Just clean your refrigerator and keep the beans in a cool dry place like a cabinet.

 4) Experiment with brewing methods: While a Keurig or Mr. Coffee coffee maker set to a timer might be convent, they may not make the stronger cup you are looking for. We find that a French Press is pretty convenient and only takes about 5 minutes to brew. But why or how could it brew a stronger cup of coffee? French Presses enhance the natural favors. Using a standard coffee maker, the extracted coffee if filtered though paper which get’s rid of the coffee’s natural oils. These oils can can give you the feeling of a fuller richer cup of coffee which is part of what makes for a stronger cup of coffee.

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