Chiller Tuesday VHS review; “The Mutilator” a.k.a. Fall Break(1984)

Chiller Tuesday VHS review; “The Mutilator” a.k.a. Fall Break(1984)

Welcome back to another VHS classic reviewed by Kris the Horror Queen, our very own VHS aficionado.  This week we have, “The Mutilator” a.k.a. Fall Break(1984)

By Sword, By Pick, By Axe, Bye bye! 

Directed by Buddy Cooper and shot in only 29 days, this movie opens with a mom baking a birthday cake for her husband. As she’s in the kitchen, her young son has the bright idea to clean his fathers guns for him as a birthday surprise. After one goes off shooting through the door, he accidentally kills his mom moments before his fathers return. Fast forward, Ed jr. is now in college with his friends. He gets a mysterious call from his estranged father who asks him to tend to the beach house. Him and his friends decide to make a Fall Break of it, but soon after they arrive we see a more sinister plot at play. As they drink and play games, one by one they fall victim to a completely recognizable killer with not a bit of mystery to his character. This movie has your bad acting, plot holes, campy vibe, and one of the catchiest theme songs to ever exists. Regardless of flaws, this one is still somehow extremely fun to watch! The gore is pleasing and some of the kills really stand out. Filmed in North Carolina, this Standard 80s slasher has attained cult classic status for its enjoyable watchability with friends! So let’s go on a Fall Break *cue music* and check this one out! 

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