Catfight Coffee invades Asia! U.K. roaster coming soon!

Catfight Coffee invades Asia! U.K. roaster coming soon!

   This week we are happy to make 2 big announcements. 
  First, a bit of news comes from the far east. Catfight Coffee can now be purchased at Chaos Punk Taiwan!  CHAOS has a history of 25 years in Taipei. It is the first punk store in Taiwan and it includes British, American, and Japanese classic punk products and now coffee! The staff there are extremely professional and knowledgeable in all things punk, metal, alternative, and more. This shop feels like home and we couldn't be more proud to have them as our very first account in Asia! Thank you Chaos Punk!

  Second, a bit of news from the U.K. It's been easily a year in the works. Between Covid complications and our high standards, it started to feel like our dream of having Catfight Coffee roasted right in London was slipping away. Finally, we have arrived at a roasting facility that holds coffee in the same regard we do and by springtime (or sooner) you will be able to buy Catfight Coffee online, get beans roasted, and shipped domestically.  These roasters have been roasting coffee since 1963 when they created some of the best-tasting coffees on the Thames Barrier market. This will be so much more affordable for both the product and for shipping to our crew in the UK and EU. 

  This is just the tip of the tail. Wait till you see what Catfight has in store for 2023!

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